September 28, 2012

Partner 4-1-1

If you were at the Summer BBQ this past weekend, perhaps you had the chance to meet
mother and daughter-in-law duo Julie Pardee and Michelle Bailey. Active Partners since
2008, Julie and Michelle share a passion for helping others, especially youth. SVP has
given them an opportunity to do what they love – spending time with each other while
making a difference in the San Diego community. Read on to learn more about this
special Partnership.

SVP: You are a mother-in-law -daughter-in-law duo at SDSVP! Who initiated the Partnership and why did you choose the other. On the flip side, why did the other accept the invitation?
Why not?! We love each other and adore spending time together. This gave us an opportunity to be together and also make a difference in our community.

SVP: How has SVP impacted your relationship?
Brought us closer definitely as we share the philosophy. It gives us a chance to talk about real issues facing our world, our community. In talking about non-profits SVP is helping we share our real life experiences. Even though there is a generation gap between us, we realize that the gap closes as we share values, beliefs, sorrows and joys.

What are you most passionate about improving in the world?
I personally am most passionate about any that has to do with children. Having two young girls, education, health and safety for children is always on my mind. My biggest passion is raising awareness for and supporting organizations that help children with food allergies. My oldest daughter Charlotte has life threatening allergies to peanuts, tree-nuts and coconut. A trace amount of these foods can be deadly. Food allergies are becoming more and more common. In the last 15 years that amount of children diagnosed with life threatening food allergies has almost tripled. Educating schools, restaurants, and other public establishments is essential for our children’s safety.
I am most passionate education. Specifically college scholarships for students who don’t have financial support from their families. Tuition is rising rapidly due to the condition of the state. Even just a small amount of money makes such a difference for these students trying to support themselves, raise families, and pursue a college education. That makes for a very challenging situation.
The students who do receive scholarships that I’ve had the privilege to speak with share with me how they’ve been affected by receiving assistance. It makes them realize the value of philanthropy and want to give back.

Why do you believe in the SVP mission?
We believe that SVP’s mission is so unique and special because the time and skills of the members partnered with the non-profit make the financial contribution utilized in a more efficient way. All the while, growing the non-profit and raising it to a level where they are able to attract larger grants – taking them to a new position.
SVP researches so thoroughly what they are going to do with each non-profit. They make very meaningful selections to be able to impact the community.

Michelle, are you a native San Diegan?
I grew up in Encinitas. San Diego County offers so much to our family with its beaches, museums, parks, etc. The weather is great and it gets us out of our house! When we are out and about participating in various activities at our daughters’ schools, our church, our neighborhood recreation center, SVP – it’s the people who make the difference. I feel so
lucky to be part of a community where the people I meet are real, genuine, and good. I’m proud to be a part of this community and blessed to be able to raise a family here.

What makes Nana Julie the best Nana in the world?
I am blessed to have two adorable granddaughters who make being a Nana a pure delight. Just spending time with them in the simplest settings gives   me great joy. Having them live nearby help to make it easy to share the        little things which we do often.
I asked my granddaughters this same questions are here are their answers:
Charlotte (age 6):  Reading stories and sleeping over at Nana’s house.
Adeline (age 3):  I love Nana’s smile, making Pop pancakes, playing tag and going to the desert for the weekend with Nana.

What is your favorite way to be involved with SVP?
Holiday Baskets is our favorite. It’s such a special time of year, and it allows us to help so many families. It shows how doing something so easy – so quickly can make an enormous impact. Walking through the warehouse filled with clothes, jackets, toys, and household items stirs up so much emotion. What a special thing to do for someone else during the holidays.

July 26, 2012

Second Year Investee Highlights: Audeo Charter School

  • This year, Audeo and its Altus Network sister schools graduated about 650 students with a diploma, CHSPE, or GED. Lead Partner, Robin Ritchdonned a cap and gown to help distribute diplomas.
  • Thanks to Partner, Sherri Neasham, the Altus/Audeo Strategic Outcome Plan is now complete and all staff and teachers have fully embraced it.
  • Audeo is redesigning their website and online marketing.
  • Audeo is on track expanding their learning centers.
  • Audeo has a strong financial footing.

July 25, 2012

Get the "SVP Partners Only" scoop on LinkedIn

We have started a new “Partners Only” group on LinkedIn where you will be able to access the latest communications from SVP. As a member of the group, you will see meeting minutes, events, announcements and info for Partners only. Click here to stay in the loop!

July 24, 2012

Growth Across the SVP Network

We are pleased to share with you the Social Venture Partners International 2011 report on network growth. There’s a lot to be proud of!
  • By year end 2011, the SVP network invested more than $46 million in 518 nonprofits.
  • Last year, 25 SVPs invested $3.5 million in 132 nonprofits.
  • In total, 53 funding cycles were completed across the network.
  • Cumulatively, the network grew to 2,165 individuals (1,375 partner units) in 2011.
Coming soon…we will share a report summary of our collective progress over the past year.

SDSVP Partners Help San Diego’s Four Legged Friends and the Human-Animal Bond

Starting with a Fireside Chat in the home of Partner, Richard Bockoff, a group of dedicated Partners has been quietly working on a plan to help “turn off the spigot” of animals that end up in shelters, homeless and facing euthanasia. The group researched best practices across the country and  discovered that  by targeting specific zipcodes from which the majority of unwanted animals emerge results in a significant reduction in the number of unwanted animals arriving at shelters.  Their first project was teaming up with the San Diego County Animal Welfare Coalition to strategically leverage everyone’s resources to spay/neuter an additional 1700 animals, mostly cats, before the spring heat cycle in Feb 2012.

June 20, 2012

First Year Investee Highlights: REBOOT

  • Bank of America has picked REBOOT as one of two national nonprofits that they are highlighting. Bank of America recently finished filming content onsite at the REBOOT facilities to be used in promotions.
  • University of San Diego has been commissioned to do a third party evaluation of the REBOOT program for scalability, measurable outcomes and effectiveness. This effort will be completed by August and will help in getting influencers and funders to have clear picture of the program’s success for delivering results in the lives of veterans.
To learn more about REBOOT by the National Veterans Transitions Services, Inc. visit

June 19, 2012

SVP Shines the Spotlights on Success

SpotlightsOn May 23, nearly 100 Partners and guests gathered in Del Mar for SVP’s first ever Spotlights on Success. The auditorium at AMN Healthcare was transformed into an intimate, in-depth experience as guests discovered SVP’s real impact in the community.

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Check out more event photos!

June 18, 2012

Getting to Know You: Pat Moore

PatMooreSVP Partners, Patricia Moore and Helmut Kiffman are an adventurous duo. Not many people have cycled through Europe, hiked in South America and the Canadian Rockies, and even fewer would be brave enough to go withzero reservations! The Moore Kiffman clan boasts a total of three children, five grandchildren and ten years of marriage. Pat Moore is like many of us in the digital age, addicted to her smart phone and tablet, but she balances this out with her passion for reading, love for bike rides, cooking and gardening. Read on to discover more about Pat, why she joined Social Venture Partners and her recommendations for a good read!

Click here to read more about Pat.

June 14, 2012

The “New” ARTS Center

ARTSA little over five years ago SVP Investee, A Reason to Survive (ARTS) opened the Pat D’Arrigo ARTS Center at NTC Promenade. It was a major milestone for ARTS, transforming their organization from solely an outreach effort to having a “home.” For the last four months they’ve been hard at work with officials in National City to secure what used to be the old city library.  It has since been transformed into a community arts center and officials have been seeking a nonprofit partner to operate it. ARTS has been chosen to be that partner.

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